Comfort Food Lunchbox

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Today’s lunch: Comforting hot Lemon Basil Tomato Soup (recipe on blog, here: easy and delish, one of my most popular recipes), homemade Sweet P Biscuit (100% whole grain, recipe will be up on blog this week), strawberries, hard boiled egg and a Grizzly Paw from the freezer (p. 124 of my cookbook, Real Food for Real Families).

2 thoughts on “Comfort Food Lunchbox”

  1. What type of molasses do you use for the Grizzly Paws? Mine turned out much lighter in colour, but still delicious! Rave reviews from the whole family. Could this recipe be adapted to make rolled cookies for the holidays?

    1. I usually use an unsulphured molasses, Kristen, but obviously whatever type you used worked too! Yes, you could probably make a lovely holiday cookie with this batter too. Glad your family enjoyed them!

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