Thinking Outside the Lunchbox: School Lunch Ideas

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My objective this September is to get you thinking “outside the Lunchbox”!

There are all kinds of options for healthy lunch boxes, we’re all just so rushed & unprepared in the mornings that we end up sending the same thing over and over.

Preparation is the key to better, more varied lunches, and the good news is it’s not as hard as you think! Before you go to the grocery store each week, take a look through this list, identify the options your kids might like, and put the necessary ingredients on your list. Then tape this list on the inside of a convenient kitchen cupboard door. If your kids are old enough – they can use it as a resource. Build away!

  • mini pizzas on whole wheat english muffins with low-fat cheese
  • whole grain tortilla with cream cheese (organic is great) and sliced fruit, roll-up style
  • nitrate-free sandwich meat or sliced roasted chicken with toppings in a whole grain pita, bread, or bagel
  • turkey pinwheels (whole grain tortilla, nitrate-free turkey, hummus, spinach – rolled up & Cut into pinwheels)
  • egg salad in whole-grain: 2 hard boiled eggs mixed with 1 tsp plain yoghurt, 1/2 tsp mustard
  • sunbutter (sunflower seed butter – nut-free and school safe, honey & banana sandwich on whole grain
  • pasta salad with whatever veggies your child likes, chopped cheese or lean meat and healthy salad dressing of their choice
  • quesadilla or burrito-style wrap on whole grain tortilla with black beans, avocado, salsa, greek yoghurt, hummus, shredded low-fat cheese, veggies (whatever they like!)
  • deli box: assorted “finger foods” like cubed chicken, cheese, hummus or tzatziki dip, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, olives, and whole grain crackers
  • cream cheese (preferably organic) and apple butter on a whole grain bagel
  • sunbutter and apple butter sandwich
  • pasta with tomato sauce and feta or cubed chicken warmed and sent in thermos
  • low-sodium veggie soup with whole grain crackers (with beans for protein is best)
  • low-sodium chicken noodle soup with whole grain crackers
  • veggie chili in a thermos with whole grain crackers or roll
  • whole-grain waffles cut in strips with yogurt for dipping
  • veggie and hummus wraps (tortillas or whole wheat pitas)
  • whole wheat pita triangles with bean dip and raw veggies
  • fruit salad with yogurt and homemade whole grain muffin, granola bar or powerbar
  • Other ideas? Add them below!

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