Exciting News! The Real Food Solution is Coming!

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9781459503946_FClowThe Fall is all about getting back on track and finding your  balance, after a glorious summer of fun & focussing on everyone else but yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if this time you could make permanent healthy changes and achieve & maintain your healthy weight without counting calories, points, or carbs and thinking about food all the time? Wouldn’t it be refreshing if you were eating good food most of the time purely because it tasted amazing and made you feel so great? And wouldn’t it feel extra fantastic to be doing this and role modelling healthy food habits to your children, instead of them seeing you on a perpetual “diet”?

In the spirit of that balance, I want to introduce you to The Real Food Solution, which is the basis of all of the food & lifestyle plans I put together for my clients, including in online programming, and which is also the title of my newest book, which will be in stores in January! (I’m SO excited about this book, guys. I’m really proud of it — it truly reflects my coaching philosophy & passion for real, lip-smacking-good food.) The idea is pretty simple: If you eat mostly nutritious, whole (unprocessed) foods and limit the not-so-perfect foods you love to occasional indulgences, your body will get what it needs to stay healthy and energized, which will motivate you to stick to the lifestyle without feeling deprived and resentful. To lose weight in a healthy & steady manner, try to get to 95% real food most days, but don’t stress if you have a meal here or there that’s not perfect – that’s ok, and that’s real life. Of course, it’s pretty critical to your success that the real food I’m promoting also tastes delicious, so I work hard to include a variety of family-friendly, tasty and varied healthy dishes in all of my programs. If it doesn’t taste good, nobody’s going to stick with it! Sound too good to be true?  It’s not — it works. Here are just few reasons why:

  • Most of the families and individuals I work with start out with a diet made up of about 50% real food to 50% processed, so the increase in nutrient & fibre-dense food alone causes a marked energy boost;
  • We need vitamins and minerals as co-factors to metabolize carbs into energy and frankly, to support just about every process in our bodies, including a healthy immune system. Eating mostly real food ensures we always have the nutrients we need to crank out energy and lots leftover to keep us healthy;
  • Eating real, whole foods fills us up, physically and nutritionally. It’s naturally lower in sugars & higher in fibre than processed stuff, so we’re fuller longer and less likely to fall prey to sugar cravings caused by messed-up blood sugar patterns. Sticking to healthy food most of the time is suddenly a whole lot easier!;
  • If weight loss is your goal, 95% real food means a mostly nutrient-dense, high-fibre, low-calorie diet, which means most days you’ll take in a little less energy than you need, which translates to a loss on the scale; 
  • When it’s all or nothing, nothing will win every time. Moderation works. Deprivation doesn’t. That’s why I always build in wiggle room for real life.

Ready to give it a try? You can start by working towards 7 or more servings of fruits and veggies a day, and removing the refined grains & sugars (white flours, pastas, rice and sweets) from your diet most of the time. Save these for occasional snacks and meals. Drink lots of water and move a little every day. You will be amazed at what a difference these changes alone can bring.  

If this approach appeals to you and you’d love the practical support and meal planning to get you & your family to a place of permanent healthy balance, consider joining next month’s online group — it will give you all the tools and support you need to start making permanent change. Hundreds of people have enjoyed my programs in the past couple of years (check out some of their comments, below1) – if you’ve already done one or more level, I’m offering Use It 1, 2, 3 and… wait for it…my brand new Use It 4, starting October 5th! (click here to register: http://www.simple-balance.ca/online-programs-freebies/

If you prefer private, one-on-one support getting to your goals, I do that too, just contact me at wendy@simple-balance.ca to book your first appointment.

Happy September!


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