I’m Wendy McCallum, NNCP (Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner) & RHN –  which is just a fancy way of saying “Food Coach & Educator”. I help people & families get real with their food, one practical step at a time, and feel a whole lot better as a result!

I do this using a “simple is better” approach, with a focus on delicious, real food, basic nutritional principles, and gradual, realistic changes.

When it comes to weight loss & wellness, I’m not into restrictive, extreme eating or quick fixes — instead I encourage balance and moderation — because that’s the only way to make lasting, enjoyable changes. My special strength is supporting permanent change through powerful education & positive coaching. My approach is non-judgmental & realistic, and my recipes are simple & amazing! (because who wants to eat less-than-fabulous food?)

I also help busy parents deal with common frustrations like picky eaters & crazy schedules, all the while improving their family’s diet and raising healthy, confident eaters.

One of the reasons my programs work is because I also love to cook & create healthy recipes. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t taste good, you won’t keep eating it!  That said, I’m not a chef. I’m just a regular mom who figured out — through years of trial and error — how to make great-tasting healthy real food and — more importantly — how to get her kids to actually eat it! My recipes are simple, and use ingredients you can find at the grocery store. I don’t push supplements or expensive specialty products, because they’re expensive, and frankly, not necessary.

My first cookbook, Real Food for Real Families, is designed to get your family started with delicious, real ingredient alternatives to some of our most popular processed food choices. My second book, The Real Food Solution (January 2016), gives you all the tools you need to make permanent changes to your family’s diet and get you to your personal goals, whether they’re weight loss, energy or family-food related.

Getting real with my own family’s food wasn’t easy, and it sure didn’t happen overnight. Like a lot of moms out there, I did my very best to “do it all” for many years, by which I really mean “do everything I thought everyone else expected me to do” , which included two babies, a husband and a busy law practice. And, like many moms, I realized I couldn’t actually do it all very well. Something had to give. So I identified the thing that mabout-wendyeant the least to me but took the most of me, and left my law career. Then I took a leap of faith (and a pay cut!) and went back to school to study natural food, which I was starting to get pretty passionate about.

During that crazy stage of babies and partnership and clients, I started thinking critically about what I was feeding myself and my family. I knew there was plenty of room for improvement, but I also knew I couldn’t realistically handle more than one change at a time, given our busy lives. So that’s how I did it — one change at a time. Once I had a handle on a new habit, I would start working on another change.

My one-step-at-a-time approach works, whether you need to make changes or your whole family does.  I’m convinced it’s the only way to make permanent, positive change happen.

I’ve helped hundreds of people and families make change, and I can help you too!