Welcome to Simple Balance Coaching!

I’m Wendy McCallum, LLB, NNCP, RHN, Speaker, Author & Balance Coach.

What the bejeezus is a Balance Coach, you ask? 😉

Great question! It’s really just the process of me guiding you to a better, more satisfying & resonant, place of balance. We do this through structured sessions using a combination of motivating education & co-active coaching.

Some call what I do “life coaching” — but because that label sometimes gets a bad wrap, and because my passion is helping others find their balance — “Balance Coach” feels right to me.

Ten years ago, I left an established (kind of lucrative & super-safe) career in law that never really jived with my values or allowed me any healthy balance. Leaving law was an incredible risk, but I’ve never looked back.

I’m now following my own life’s purpose in a coaching role that fills me up EVERY day. I’ve spent eight incredibly satisfying years coaching under the umbrella of food & wellness, but the truth is what I’ve really been doing with my clients has been MUCH broader than that for a very long time.

I’ve also spent the last ten years actively working towards a better balance of my own when it comes to family, career and personal growth. I’m happy to say I’m pretty damn close.

In my own journey, I’ve learned A LOT about what gets us stuck, and un-stuck. And how easy it is to rely on what others tell you you should be doing, instead of putting in the sweat equity in to figure that out for yourself.

In recent months, I’ve also been taking some intensive, high-level training in a powerful co-active coaching model that I absolutely love.

For all of these reasons, while I’ll always have great food ideas if you’re looking for them, you’ll also see an emphasis in my posts, programming  & personal coaching on some of the other stuff that really matters too. The key stuff that’s really holding you back from making change. You know — real life stuff.

Got an area (or two) of your life that’s feeling a little off kilter? Might be:

  • stress & time management,
  • health & wellness,
  • career,
  • lifestyle,
  • personal happiness,
  • family, or
  • other relationships?

I can help. In fact, it’s what I do best. Together, we’ll sort through the overwhelm. We’ll mine for your core values, discover what lights YOU up, and get you on a clearer course for better balance & a whole bunch more joy.

Contact me  if you’re interested in become a coaching client. I’ve saved some room in my schedule for you! I offer a three-month program that we’ll carefully design together to ensure you get what you need most from our sessions.

My one-step-at-a-time, whole-life approach is the only way to make permanent, positive change happen. I see it work in my personal coaching practice time & time again. I’ve helped hundreds of busy people make change, and I can help you too!