Welcome to Simple Balance! I’m Wendy McCallum, Balance Coach. I’m an NNCP (Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner) & RHN (Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant) with a passion for helping busy women learn to love the life & body they’re in!

  • Are you struggling to make healthy change? 
  • Using unhealthy coping mechanisms too often to deal with stress?
  • Unable to lose excess weight? 
  • Chronically exhausted?
  • Tried every “program” out there, only to make short term change but eventually revert to old habits?

You’re in the right place!

Why will it be different this time?  Because you’ll have me — your personal coach and biggest cheerleader — motivating & supporting you to permanent change. Together will drill down and figure out what’s got you stuck: whether it’s a lack of time, coping strategies, confidence or something more.

If you’ve “been-there-done-that” when it comes to making healthy change and are ready for a refreshing perspective & true freedom when it comes to your habits, you’re in the right place!

I’m not into restrictive, extreme programming or quick fixes — instead I encourage balance & moderation — because that’s the only way to make lasting, enjoyable changes.

I’m also big believer in “supporting the whole” when it comes to coaching. Simply put, we need to get you happy to get you healthy. If something is holding you back, we’ll work together to identify it and work through it. 

My approach is non-judgmental & realistic, and my recipes are simple & amazing, because … well because who wants to eat less-than-fabulous food? 

I’m the author of two popular published cookbooks: Real Food for Real Families (now out in a second edition under the title “No More Junk Food”) and The Real Food Solution. I use ingredients you can find at the regular old grocery store. I don’t push supplements or expensive specialty products, because they’re expensive, and, most of the time, not at all necessary.

My one-step-at-a-time approach is the only way to make permanent, positive change happen. I see it work in my personal coaching practice time & time again. I’ve helped hundreds of people and families make change, and I can help you too!