Speaking Inquiries

Through Wendy’s fun & engaging presentations & workshops, busy people learn how to improve their diet, lifestyle, and wellness as well as manage stress in and outside of the workplace, with practical strategies and manageable changes.  The accessible training that Wendy provides can positively impact employee job satisfaction & productivity, and increase workplace morale. Part of Wendy’s appeal is that she speaks with real empathy for the challenges of a busy workplace, having spent over 12 years working as a lawyer and then partner in a large law firm.

Wendy offers presentations & workshops on a variety of nutrition and wellness topics, including:

  • Stress Management Tools and Nutrition
  • Achieving Your Own Balance: The 80/20 Rule
  • Eating for Energy at the Office
  • Supporting Immunity through Nutrition
  • Preventative Nutrition
  • Simple Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating on the Go
  • Hot Topics in Nutrition (Myths Debunked, Popular Diets Explained, Superfoods Demystified)
  • The Sugar Cycle: Blood Sugar Basics
  • Transitioning Your Family to Healthier Foods
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

Presentations are flexible, depending on the numbers, needs and desires of the group.  They normally involve a 45-60 minute presentation on a pre-determined topic followed by a question and answer period, but often become more interactive if the group size permits.

Group rates vary based on numbers and duration of presentation.

Establish yourself as an employer who cares and contact Wendy  today to arrange a workplace wellness presentation.

Here’s what some clients have to say

Thank you for your presentation. Your easily understood approach made it both an informative and interesting presentation. Thanks to you, we now understand the link between stress and nutrition and have some tools to manage both of them better. I have received a great deal of positive feedback from our attendees; in fact, we would like you to come back to do another session for us.

As part of our ongoing lawyer educational sessions, we had Wendy McCallum present on the topic of Stress Management & Nutrition to our partners and associates. Her presentation was engaging, interesting, and very well-received by all in attendance. All lawyers provided positive feedback and stated that Wendy’s credibility on the topic of Stress Management & Nutrition was enhanced because of her previous career in a high stress office environment. She truly understood the stress that is often present in the workplace and provided great insight into the effect of such stress and tools to deal with it. We have definitely noticed some positive changes in terms of office lunches and energy levels as a result of her motivating presentation!

I am following up on behalf of our Health & Wellness Committee to thank you for the sessions that you did for us today on nutrition. The feedback so far has been excellent. I personally found the session very informative with good, practical tips. Your approach is refreshingly simple to understand.

Wendy McCallum provides sound, researched and practical advice for managing stress through a holistic approach that has a positive effect on your entire family. Her sessions are interactive, fun and offer the right amount of knowledge, motivation and guidance to get you started on your practice of a healthier and balanced lifestyle.