spiced coconut spinach (101 cookbooks)

Oh people —  try this one! Made it last weekend at family brunch and served it with a frittata and my brother-in-law’s yummy whole wheat buns.  I LOVE this website and regularly make, and sometimes revise, the recipes (I only ever revise to make them a bit simpler, as they often call for harder-to-get “gourmet” […]

feeding healthy eaters

This is a bit of a follow-up from my last HRM Parent Bringing Balance guest post, where I discussed the importance of persevering in your efforts as parents to raise healthy eaters.  I talked about leading by example, setting healthy patterns, and reinforcing good eating through praise and a little education.  Here are a couple […]

authentic simple guacamole

Having just returned from a spectacularly fun & relaxing week in Mexico with a great group of girlfriends, this recipe seems appropriate on my first rainy Monday back in the office.  Along with salsa dancing & origami towel-folding lessons, one day the resort staff offered a guacamole-making lesson poolside.  I have previously tried to replicate […]

raising healthy eaters – it’s worth it!

Calling all loving parents – please read this one!  Even if you normally just check my blog for the recipes – if you are a mom or dad, give this one a gander.  It’s posted on HRM Parent’s website today (http://hrmparent.ca/myblog/Bringing-Balance-Raising-Healthy-Eaters-its-Worth-It-/), but this topic is so near and dear to my heart that I am […]

celebrate earth day with a meatless meal!

It’s Earth Day today – so here’s a spectacularly yummy vegan curry to help you out if you are looking to get started on a Meatless Monday (or Tuesday) routine.  As I have mentioned before, one of the best things you can do for this planet (and your health!) is to eat less meat.  This […]

one last easter side dish (vegetarian)

Here’s another quick one – this time a yummy, starchy side.  This recipe serves about 8, which means I end up at least doubling it for a big family get together.  This is also, however, a recipe I downsize for weeknight meal.  The cauliflower adds an insane nutritional boost to the already healthy potatoes:  Loads […]

one more easter veggie recipe

Ok – this one is really good and filling for the vegetarian in the room.   It’s from House & Home, the November 2010 issue.  Great with any big holiday meal.  And bonus points to it for being one of those most excellent dishes that looks fancy but is dead simple to make.  Enjoy! Savoury […]

vegetarian easter recipes

So I’ve promised to post some great meatless easter recipes.  Over the years, as I have moved away from meat, I’ve started bringing vegetarian dishes to wherever we end up for big holiday dinners.  It’s a great way to eat the way you want and to save the hosts from launching into the inevitable “there’s […]

just a little shout out (& a recipe, of course!)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for checking in on my blog, cooking my recipes, “Liking” the Facebook Page, following Simple Balance on Twitter, and most of all, referring friends, families and businesses to Simple Balance.  For those of you who don’t know me well, a […]

earth week: meatless monday recipe

Next week is Earth Week!  One of the best things you can do for the Planet (and your health!) is to eat less meat.  Why not start with Meatless Monday everyone! Please check out my latest Bringing Balance blog on the HRM Parent site by clicking on this link: http://hrmparent.ca/myblog/Bringing-Balance-Support-the-Earth/

amazing tofu quiche (vegan)

This “quiche” is egg and dairy-free and SO DARN GOOD!  I made it for family and even my sister, who is a tofu “texture-phobe” loved it!  It was easy to make, and full of savory flavour and vegetable goodness, not to mention protein, calcium and vitamins!  My 6 year-old daughter loved it and ate the […]

for the love of kale!

Click here to see my latest Bringing Balance guest blog on the HRM Parent site: http://hrmparent.ca/myblog/Bringing-Balance-For-the-Love-of-Kale/

easy delicious broccoli

Here’s a very simple tasty side dish for any main course.  It goes nicely with any asian-inspired meat or vegetarian dish.  You can add other greens or veggies to this dish – the seasoning really is lovely with anything green. A lot of my clients who are trying to reduce or eliminate dairy worry about […]

yummy swiss chard (side dish)

I’m forever pumping the dark leafy greens, like kale, swiss chard, collards, spinach and beet greens, but most of my clients haven’t got a sweet clue what to do with them.  The beauty of dark leafy greens is that they can generally be interchanged and combined in recipes, so once you find a good recipe, […]

it’s nutrition month!

March is Nutrition Month in Canada!  I have a new Bringing Balance guest blog with tips on how to celebrate this year’s  “Field to Table” theme on the HRM Parent website.  If you are interested in trying to get your family eating a little more local food, please click on the link for some fun […]

easiest kale

This one’s for the terrific ladies from last night’s in-home group presentation & cooking demo – what a fun night!  I promised them this super-simple “non-recipe” for quick kale.  Here it is:   Get a big bunch of kale (organic is always best if you can find it!).  Clean it well, de-stem it, and shred […]

r.i.p. vegan & easy egg pie

Forgive me followers for I have sinned — the Great Vegan Experiment has officially ended.  Well, sort of.  After 69 days it wasn’t Brie, or sushi, or a cinnamon latte that did me in, it was an EGG.  I love eggs.  I have loved eggs always.  And yesterday, I decided to have an egg.  And […]

simple black bean hummus

In honour of my (fading, along with the tan) memories of the lovely Mazatlan, I’ve come up with a simple little bean dip (without the meat, this time!)  This one has a little kick to it, and is great with all the usual Mexican suspects:  tortillas, salsa, organic corn chips, guacamole, Corona.  Adjust the chili […]

“butter” beans

This recipe is officially called “Cannellini Beans with Garlic & Sage” but was re-christened “Butter Beans” by my daughter after its inauguration.  The really do “melt like buttah’” in your mouth! Making beans from dried is usually a foreign process to my clients, as most Canadians rely on the convenience of canned.  I always keep […]

superfoods for superkids

Check out my latest HRM Parent post on this topic at: http://hrmparent.ca/myblog/Bringing-Balance-Superfoods-for-Superkids/

“kalato chips”

Please believe me – these are not awful!  Give these kale chips a chance and you will understand why my two urchins unflinchingly devour these.  They are crazily simple to make, and are so tasty they will not last the day out on the counter.  By now most of you probably know I feel about […]

born-again vegan

Just back from a wonderful trip with my family to Mazatlan, a gorgeous area of Mexico.  Lots of R & R, fun and sun.  And … meat. Who would have thought that sticking to my vegan experiment (which is slowly becoming a happy habit) would be so difficult in the land of rice and beans? […]

simple valentines’ cookies

I got this recipe yesterday from a wonderful website called The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, and made them after school with the kids.  The Kitchen posts their new recipes at www.nourishingmeals.com.  They have wonderful recipes for families and particularly young children.  These cookies are simple to make, and very tasty but not too sweet.  My […]

family travel snacks

Planning on spending some time at the Oval or Canada Games Centre over the break?  Or maybe you have a long flight to a sunny destination ahead of you?  I thought I’d share some quick & healthy portable snacks to have on hand when packing for day trips or travel with kids. The best family […]

mellow three-grain pilaf

I’ve made this twice this week, so that’s saying something!  It’s a lovely blend of three grains:  millet, quinoa, and rice and is easy to make.  It’s got a mellow, buttery taste and is wonderful as a base for greens or other veggies and a lean protein.  I served it with the Sweet Ginger Tofu […]

delicious (vegan, but no one needs to know that) cupcakes

Time to honour the 20 side of the 80/20 rule, and this recipe is for Meg and her right-hand man Christopher, who love a sweet treat.  I served these at my all vegan book club dinner and the girls gobbled them up.    There is absolutely no need to tell anyone these cupcakes are vegan, […]

sweet ginger tofu

This one’s for my book club girls: Thanks for being so much fun, and thanks for embracing the all-vegan book club dinner last night!  This tofu was a real hit, and is very easy to make.  My kids have had this and also really loved it.  As I’ve said before, always use organic tofu (otherwise […]

making a healthy habit stick

Click on this link to read my guest blog on the national website for momcafe, an awesome organization that connects and supports working moms across the country and locally: http://momcafenetwork.com/blog/2011/01/08/busy-mom’s-guide-to-forming-a-healthy-habit-for-good-this-time/ If you’re interested in learning more about this terrific networking organization, send me an email and I’ll introduce you to the local representative!

yummy cinnamon flax waffles

In recent months, I have discovered the joy of the waffle iron.  It all started with sticker shock in the organic section of the grocery store, and when I calculated what I was paying per organic waffle I realized the waffle iron would pay for itself in no time.  It has.  Using a waffle iron […]

red lentil soup with turnip & parsley

I have vowed to post any whole food recipe that gets a “standing O” from my kids, who are 6 and 7.  I have to say, I went into last-night’s dinner nervous, expecting some serious sounds of disgust.  Amazingly, they loved it.  So much, in fact, that they requested it for lunch on their first […]