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keeping your holiday balance

Staying healthy over the holidays can be challenging, but with a little planning and a few helpful strategies, it’s absolutely possible!

Buying Meat, Eggs & Fish: What You Really Need to Know

Buying meat, fish and eggs can be tricky these days with all the different labels and marketing tactics. This article summarizes the key things you need to know to make an informed choice for your family.

healthier Easter ideas

You might feel like it’s out of your control, but there are loads of creative ways you and the Bunny can cut down on the amount of candy and chocolate your kids consume over Easter. Here are just a few ideas I’ve collected over the years:

November Newsletter: Holiday Balance

Here’s the link to my November Newsletter with great tips to stay healthy and maintain your weight over the holidays!

getting to the root of root veggies

If you’re trying to eat more locally-grown produce, root veggies are a must in the Maritimes. We’re very good at growing these hearty, starchy veggies, but a lot of us struggle with creative tasty ways to use them. Not to worry! I’ve got some great tips for storage, preparation and cooking that will help you make root vegetables a favourite in your family’s cold-weather diet.

Cooking In Our Community Kitchen with Lynn Crawford (& so much more!)

On October 10th, I had the opportunity to be a part of something really special.  This post isn’t my usual ramble on how to cook beans or get your kids to eat green stuff.  It’s about much bigger issues of food security, human dignity, the power of good food & community and the beginning of […]

5 Food Mistakes Parents Make

If you’re doing your best to raise healthy, adventurous, confident eaters, you probably have all kinds of strategies and approaches in place to support that goal. Since I spend so much time suggesting ways to get your kids eating better, I thought this week I’d highlight a few things you might be inadvertently doing to sabotage your efforts.

September Newsletter & Orange Fennel Quinoa Recipe

Here’s my September Newsletter, featuring 5 Ways to Clean Up your diet and a yummy clean Orange Fennel Quinoa recipe to get you started![UNIQID]

5 Simple Changes for Maximum Health Benefits

Are you  making massive, overreaching resolutions year after year, only to fall off the wagon after a month?  Maybe that’s not the best approach.  Here are five things you can change and really impact your health.   This New Year’s, don’t bite off more than you can chew — literally!  Most resolutions fail because they […]

one-day whole food cleanse

Ready to press the “reset” button and get back on track (or start) with your healthy eating efforts?  Here’s a one-day, simple, clean-eating plan to get you started.  Cut the sugar and refined carbs, pump up the veggies and you’ll be feeling lighter and energized by the next morning!   Pre-Breakfast: cup of hot water […]

healthy holiday habits

The holidays often lead to overindulgence, and not just for adults! Too much sugar and junk can lead to a whole host of unpleasant side-effects for our kids, including mood swings, exhaustion, tantrums, belly aches, and lowered immunity. To make matters worse, our children’s regular physical activities are often suspended for the holidays and replaced […]

avoiding holiday weight gain

This one’s for the mamas and the papas out there, but remember that your habits, even during the holidays, affect your kids too, because they are always watching and learning from you. Staying healthy over the holidays can be challenging, but with a little planning and a few helpful strategies, it’s absolutely possible! Here are […]

healthy fats: a guide

The last couple of decades have involved a number of low and no-fat crazes which have left a lot of us avoiding fat. On top of that, the media is constantly barraging us with reports about various fats to avoid and include in our family’s diet. If you find it all a tad confusing and […]

common food additives and their aliases

In researching ingredients in commercial products for the healthy family food cookbook I’m working on, I’ve learned that one additive can go by many names, making it really tricky for consumers to identify and avoid certain ingredients.  I thought parents might appreciate a “cheat sheet” on some of the more common undesirable additives and their […]

keeping kids hydrated

Welcome to summer!  This weekend was a scorcher, and my children, I’m guessing like most of yours, were outdoors for three straight days. Given the recent heat wave, it seemed like an appropriate time to talk kids’ hydration.  Have you ever noticed that your kids seem to be able to go for hours and hours […]

eating healthy on a budget: you can do it!

Eating healthy on a budget can be tough.  Fresh, whole food often costs more than its processed counterpart.  That said, we all know the role great food plays in keeping our families’ healthy, and with good planning we really can eat great-quality food and keep the grocery bill reasonable. Here are a few of my […]

living dairy-free: simple tips

If you’ve been told that you or your child are allergic or sensitive to dairy and are trying to avoid it as a result, don’t panic!  I often hear from parents who are worried about their ability to get their kids the calcium they need without milk, but the truth is we don’t need “three […]

fueling kids best

Wondering what you could be doing different to keep your kids healthy and energetic?  Check out my HRM Parent guest post for today: I thought I’d focus my next couple of posts answering questions I get asked most often about kids’ food and raising healthy eaters. Here’s a great one that came to me recently […]

simple stress facts

Are you a stressed out mama or papa struggling to avoid that next cold that burns its way through your family? Maybe you are doing everything to lose a few pounds but the scale won’t budge? You may not know that proper stress management can be key to both successful weight loss and a strong […]

mo’ chili, anyone?

To round out my healthy Movember posts, here is a prostate-friendly, protein-packed chili recipe, sure to satisfy even the most meat-lovin’ mo bros out there. Quinoa is one of the few complete veggie proteins, and paired with the beans, this chili really sticks to your ribs.  The garlic and fresh herbs take the flavour up […]

it’s movember – eat mo’ veggies!

In my last movember post I focussed on supporting prostate health and reducing cancer risks through diet. I noted in that post that a high-saturated fat/low-fibre diet is connected to an increased risk of prostate cancer. You’ll recall the theory is that fat increases a man’s production of testosterone, which may help prostate cancer cells […]

it’s movember: eat for your prostate!

Gentlemen, start your mustaches!  It’s Movember again, and time to raise as much moula as we can to support prostate cancer research. Here’s my first guest blog post for Movember Halifax, that’s posted on their site today:   It’s Movember: Support Your Prostate through a Healthy Diet For those of you who don’t know me, […]