what clients say

I feel as though I have been looking for someone like Wendy for most of my adult life. When I first met Wendy it was for a private consultation for myself to try and uncover the mystery of my metabolic makeup. I’m a relatively healthy person and my family and I lead a very healthy lifestyle, but for me there was always something missing. The knowledge that Wendy brings to her practice far surpasses anything I’ve ever read or heard from a doctor or otherwise when it comes to nutrition. Her depth of understanding allows Wendy to explain on a very basic level which foods feed the mind and body in order to optimize wellness. It’s as though Wendy has lifted the veil that’s been clouding my vision when it comes to nutrition and health.  Since meeting Wendy I have invited her in to my home to share her wisdom with my friends, and I have also attended a cooking demonstration. Wendy continues to add new nuggets of helpful information that enable me to make incredibly smart choices not only for myself but also for my husband and children.  I will continue to work with Wendy and I recommend her highly.

– Robyn Berman, Halifax.


Wendy: Great news! Just coming from doctor and she says “I did a phenomenal job” — My “bad” cholesterol is lower and now within normal range, and my “good” cholesterol is higher finally in the normal range and my uric acid is lower & within normal range, yay! She didn’t expect me to be able to do such a 360… And people are not usually able to turn things around that fast so she’s so please… No medication needed :):):) I’m over the moon right now and so pleased and even tearing a little!!! Thanks so very much for your help . I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping me get my life back :):) Words can’t express my full gratitude right now. THANK YOU !!!!!!

– C. Rhyno, Sackville, N.S.

I just had to send a little brag note. I am still down a little over 1lb, even after 3 Christmas dinners. I also wanted to say that in the past few weeks even little N’s diet has improved. He has been eating a lot of what I am eating, and I have been experimenting more to get veggies in his diet. The other day I was grinning ear to ear watching him eat kale in the mushroom and barley soup. Thanks for your support, and for helping to make my family healthier.

– K.Gillingham, N.B.


I decided to sign up for Wendy’s 6 Months to Goal program for two reasons. To improve my health and the health of my three girls and my busy husband. It is crazy at our house but Wendy has guided me to gradually achieve these health changes. The grocery tour was excellent and and very appropriate for my budget . I now regularly buy the items she showed me from the grocery tour and incorporate them in my recipes. I meet with Wendy every week. She motivates and encourages me and we have fun. Wendy has used a holistic approach to help me gradually make realistic changes. She has introduced me  to various opportunities to buy locally grown organic produce. She has helped me with a food allergy for one of my children and has supported me emotionally with my weight loss struggles. I have learned how to keep food preparation simple and efficient. The individual cooking class was very good and I learned how to make several meals that I was previously intimidated to prepare and absolutely loved them. Currently I am down 20 lbs. I consume 8 servings of vegetables a day and have many recipes to choose from.  Thank you Wendy!

– T. Kennedy, Hammonds Plains, N.S


I approached Wendy after my usual Christmas indulgence ready to make a change in mine and my families eating habits. I wanted to lose weight, eat better and provide my family with the proper tools to make the right choices in food as they get older. I am four months into a program with Wendy and it has been a life changer for us in so many positive ways! I have lost weight, but more importantly I am learning about whole, healthy foods and how to make a change not just for the short term, but for life. Wendy works within your goals, never judges what you have done in the past and setbacks during the program. She helps you through it all. She has supported me through all of the weeks I’ve been working with her, answered all the questions I have and has taught me so much about food. She has a simple approach and lets you work at your own pace, while providing the support you need. She is what I have been looking for in helping me make big changes in living a healthier life for me and my family!

-I. Wolsey, Dartmouth, N.S.


LOTS of awesome information, and yet Wendy makes it seem not so overwhelming!

– J. Tortola, Halifax, N.S., School Lunch Solutions attendee


Thank you for your presentation.  Your easily understood approach made it both an informative and interesting presentation.  Thanks to you, we now understand the link between stress and nutrition and have some tools to manage both of them better.  I have received a great deal of positive feedback from our attendees; in fact, we would like you to come back to do another session for us.

– K. Chamberlain, Nova Scotia Business Inc.


I am raving to everyone about your session and all of the wonderful things I discovered! Making changes to our family’s diet this weekend!

-M. Allan, Halifax, N.S., School Lunch Solutions attendee


From the time he was born, my second child (now 5) suffered from a chronically runny nose and mucous congestion, and had great difficulty sleeping.  After seeking advice from Wendy, I finally agreed to remove dairy products from his diet to see if any of his symptoms improved.  It seemed overwhelming at first, but Wendy coached us through the changes, suggesting healthy dairy substitutes and “child-tested” recipes to replace his old favourites.  The improvements have been dramatic, to say the least.  He is mucous-free and sleeping well for the first time in five years.  We have noticed that if dairy is re-introduced, even in small amounts, his symptoms immediately re-appear.  We will never go back!  One simple change has made a huge difference in his wellness and our family’s life.

-M. Milloy, Bedford, N.S.


As part of our ongoing lawyer educational sessions, we had Wendy McCallum present on the topic of Stress Management & Nutrition to our partners and associates. Her presentation was engaging, interesting, and very well-received by all in attendance. All lawyers provided positive feedback and stated that Wendy’s credibility on the topic of Stress Management & Nutrition was enhanced because of her previous career in a high stress office environment. She truly understood the stress that is often present in the workplace and provided great insight into the effect of such stress and tools to deal with it. We have definitely noticed some positive changes in terms of office lunches and energy levels as a result of her motivating presentation!

– N. Woodbury, Wickwire Holm


I want to thank you for leading such an informative discussion about “School Lunch Solutions” for our parents. Your analogies to teach kids about healthy eating and what food does to their bodies are fabulous. It certainly made the adults think about it from a different perspective. Your tips and ideas were inspiring and I know that many of us made a stop at the grocery store on the way home. You left us wanting to learn more!

– L. Burgess – Centre Director, Oxford Learning


Wendy, your School Lunches Workshop was absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for offering this type of information to parents. It not only gave me great ideas for school lunches, but you reinforced how important packing healthy lunches is and how healthy eating is directly linked to our children’s ability to learn and focus throughout the day. I packed my daughter’s lunch every single day this year, as I don’t feel that there are acceptable options available at our school’s cafeteria. I only wish that your workshop was mandatory in our school system for the decision makers who are deciding what type of food is available to our kids at school. The way that you can simplify and talk about healthy food and its benefits in such a fun way is something that our kids should be learning in school and currently are not. Keep spreading the word and changing lunches in HRM! You certainly can count our family as part of your fan club!

-W. Monaghan, Hammonds Plains, N.S., School Lunch Solutions Attendee


I am following up on behalf of our Health & Wellness Committee to thank you for the sessions that you did for us today on nutrition. The feedback so far has been excellent. I personally found the session very informative with good, practical tips. Your approach is refreshingly simple to understand.

– Diane C. Norris, Executive Director, BOYNECLARKE LLP, Dartmouth, N.S.


Wendy offers her students a genuinely interactive and fun cooking experience. She is organized, creative and thoughtful with her recipes and is sensitive to the challenges of preparing meals for a family. She possesses a wealth of information about food sources, ingredients to use, local shopping and generally how to avoid certain pitfalls in mass market food advertising. Her kitchen is really a great place to be – we learned, we ate well and most importantly, we left armed with lovely recipes and with a true sense of empowerment that we can change our families’ approach to eating healthy, whole foods. I am looking forward to the next session already!

– T. Kelly, HRM, cooking class attendee


Happy to report that we had two kids eat spinach tonight! One tried it raw and the other tried it cooked. We talked about tricking our taste buds by having to try things lots of times, then googled spinach to learn its super powers and presto, in the belly! Thanks for the tips!

– M. Smith, Bedford, N.S.


I suffered a major health crisis almost 7 years ago that forced me to re-think my diet and change my eating habits.  Wendy helped me to find nutritionally-dense, simple foods and recipes I could prepare and easily incorporate into my everyday diet.  I have seen remarkable changes in my energy level as well as my overall digestive wellness.  When my doctor recently gave me some positive test results and asked me what I was doing differently, I told him about the changes I had made on Wendy’s recommendation. His response was  to “keep it up!”  I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for nutritional support during a time of illness and throughout their recovery.

-B. Johnston, Halifax, N.S.


My seven and nine year old children viewed Wendy’s arrival for our Simple Kids’ session with some trepidation.  When asked if she knew why Wendy was coming, the seven year-old responded: “To take all our candy away!”.  I thought, “Good luck, Wendy!” One hour later, both children cared much less about candy and far more about eating fruits and vegetables.  She engaged them by getting them to give examples of the numerous healthy food choices they were already making. She appealed to the athlete in both of them by explaining how the right combination of food can provide results in sports.  A mother herself, Wendy was able to effectively respond to any query, no matter how silly, with ease and charm.  Wendy addressed my concerns with practical advice and recipe suggestions.   We are now all much more aware of and focused on making healthier food choices and and the reasons why such choices are important.  Wendy accomplished all of this in a fun and creative way.

-T. Miller, Halifax, N.S.


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results of the plan so far. Although it is nice that there was a weight loss, I am more pleased with the education that I am receiving. This plan gives me the knowledge that I need to make smart choices and allows me to still live a normal, active life. It forces me to plan but also still fits a busy schedule. Thank you so much!

-L.D., Dartmouth, N.S.


Thanks so much again for the wonderful recipes! … you have helped inspire a food revolution in our house…. much less processed food and much more attention to what is in what we eat.

– A. Kinley, Raising Healthy Eaters and School Lunch Solutions attendee


Wendy McCallum provides sound, researched and practical advice for managing stress through a holistic approach that has a positive effect on your entire family.  Her sessions are interactive, fun and offer the right amount of knowledge, motivation and guidance to get you started on your practice of a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

– H. Mosher, Online Marketing Specialist, Nova Scotia Business Inc.


Wendy came and spoke about nutrition at my daughters’ rhythmic gymnastics club.  I was amazed at how well she was able to engage a group of children, ranging in ages from 8 – 13, and their parents in the same presentation.  She was interesting and informative, providing easy and practical ideas to improve the nutritional choices we make, particularly for active children in sport.  We can’t wait to try out her recipes for power bars (delicious!) and fruit smoothies, among others!

– C. Maddigan, Dartmouth, N.S.


Nutritious (and delicious!) food, prepared so simply right before your eyes. Lots of fun, all questions answered effortlessly while confidently putting together a balanced meal. We all left better informed and well fed too.

– M. Burgess, attendee at in-home cooking demonstration, Halifax, N.S.


Over the past year I have suffered from chronic infections and pneumonia, and have been lacking energy & motivation.  Wendy took an in-depth look at my health history, lifestyle & diet and then designed a healthy eating plan that was realistic & practical for me.  She motivated and inspired me with a kind & caring approach. Being a career woman and a mother of two boys, I was worried that the recipes and meal plan would require me to cook two meals for everyone at dinner time, but the whole family loved her recipes!  I have also attended Wendy’s “Raising Healthy Eaters” workshop and have had great success with many of the tips that she recommended. Through Wendy’s plan I have lost 14 pounds, feel fantastic and have not had an infection or pneumonia for the past 5 months.  I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to change their habits and feel better!

-T. Canavan, Halifax, N.S.


Wendy did an amazing job with our students, she kept the audience constantly engaged with her passion and knowledge of nutrition and how healthy choices fuel the body. She tailored the presentation to our students athletic needs and was thorough yet age appropriate. Newbridge Academy would like to thank Wendy for donating her expertise and experience to help us gain a extensive outlook on how to properly nourish our bodies to meet the energy requirements needed for our student athletes.

– Bobby Pedersen, Athletic Director, Newbridge Academy


Last night a couple of girlfriends and I went on a tour of the grocery store with Wendy.  Going into it I thought I had a pretty good idea of how to choose ‘healthy foods’ for my family.  At the end of the night I was amazed at what I learned!  With Wendy’s Whole Food Grocery list in hand she took us on a detailed tour starting in the produce section and working our way to the natural food section.  Along the way she showed us the products on her grocery list, explained why the food should be in our grocery cart and gave us recommendations on how to prepare and cook that food.  It was really helpful to hear which brands Wendy recommends and regularly buys for her family.  She showed us which brands get a ‘thumbs-up’ from her kids and which brands would help keep us on budget.  I found it extremely useful to connect everything visually.  Wendy has given me the confidence to step outside of my food comfort zone and put new products in my grocery cart each week.  A big thank you to Wendy for inspiring me to try new simple whole food recipes for my family!

– J. Jeffery, Halifax, N.S.


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease over 20 years ago. Over the last 2 years, I have begun to experience disease related ailments, including osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and weight gain due to inactivity, fatigue and constant abdominal pain. I began to feel like having any control over my health was hopeless. I contacted Wendy in hopes that she might help me understand which food and lifestyle changes could help me regain some control over my health. She evaluated my current diet/activity levels and met with me to discuss making some simple changes and additions to my current regime.  I’ve been following her recommendations for just 5 weeks, I already feel positive about the future of my overall health! I feel more energized, the swelling in my joints is gone, my abdominal pain has ceased and I’m down 8 pounds – all by making easy and sustainable changes!

Thank you, Wendy, for your incredible knowledge and positive and ongoing support!

-Kelli J., Digby, N.S.


Wendy, I want to say a BIG thanks for our Family/SimpleKids consult! You kept the kids interested and explained things in a way they could understand. We love all the recipes and are enjoying super healthy smoothies many mornings!  We’ll have you back soon. I’ve been referring clients to your programs as you have so much to offer! Thanks again.

– Tracy Vigliarolo, Occupational Therapist, One Day at a Time


Thanks so much!  I’m still very grateful for your help last spring/summer – you helped change my life entirely and you can quote me on that 😉

– L. Peters, Bedford, N.S.


When our school held its first ever Wellness Seminar day, we were asked as teachers to find people in the community that could present to the students.  We needed people that were professional, informative, and engaging…not an easy task for junior high!   Wendy not only did some workshops, she was the keynote speaker for the day.   Her presentation was excellent, keeping the interest of a gymnasium of 13 – 15 year-olds with great information and visuals.  Many months later, students are telling me that they are using Wendy’s ideas in their lives to stay healthy.   I would highly recommend Wendy for any school presentation.

– T. Bucci, Teacher, Bedford Junior High


Like all busy moms I am always struggling with how to feed my kids healthy foods that they will like, and that is especially hard with school lunches. There is nothing more important to me than providing good solid nutrition for my sons who play several active sports, and teaching them about fueling their bodies properly has been a top priority. I have now attended Wendy’s School Lunch Solutions workshop twice, and have picked up a ton of new ideas that have become staples in my son’s lunchbox. Her simple, straightforward tips and ideas have made it a lot easier to provide the nutrition that is so critical to maintaining our healthy lifestyle.

-A. Smith, Hammonds Plains, N.S.


Wendy, what a fun girls night in! Your cooking demo was not only informative, educational, but completely delicious! I think that many of us equate appies and hosting a dinner to unhealthy food choices and you showed us that it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Thanks for the delicious and healthy meal. I’m looking forward to cooking them again at home.

-W. Monaghan, Hammonds Plains, N.S., in-home cooking demonstration attendee