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I am the author of two published cookbooks, both of which were labours of love! My first book, originally titled Real Food for Real Families, has been released in a second edition under the new title No More Junk Food.  No More Junk Food provides 80+ delicious and simple, kid-approved, additive-free alternatives to common processed foods. I offer easy-to- make real food alternatives to the most popular processed foods — from Kraft Dinner to Bear Paws. Every one of my recipes is kid tested & approved. The recipes range from Ain’t Jemima Pancake Syrup to Popeye Pesto to Free Range Goldfish and This Chalet Chicken.

My second book, the Real Food Solution, is also in stores and online now. This book not only contains over 70 of my most popular, real food recipes, but also all my best advice about changing your habits, along with the way your whole family eats, in an enjoyable way that allows you to  reach your own weight and wellness goals while role modelling healthy habits, instead of “dieting” and extreme eating. It also contains 6 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, school lunch and picky eater strategies, and so much more!


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