Your Real Family Food Solution

$29.99 every 4 weeks for 32 weeks

No matter where your family is starting from, our 8-month Real Family Food Solution Membership is designed get you to a much better place with your food.

We provide you with a simple roadmap to make change in your kitchen and at the table in a staged way, giving you the time you need to master each step before building on it, and all the support you need to make that happen. It’s based on our firm belief that permanent, healthy habits are best formed with consistent, steady change.

Each month we address a new area of family food, and four weekly emails serve it up to you in bite-sized topics & goals, so you can build on what you’ve already learned and the habits you put in place in the previous month.

Registration closes January 27th, program officially starts on January 30th.

Every week you’ll receive:

  • A New Family Food Lesson
  • A New Family-Friendly Meal Plan with simple, delicious recipes
  • Table Talk Guide (topic-specific family “talking points”)
  • Kids In the Kitchen Guide(Topic-specific family activities)
  • A Toolbox containing the tools & resources you need to make change
  • 24/7 access to a private online support group
  • Online access to your own, personal Real Food Coach


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