Business Coaching

Are you passionate about wellness or personal coaching and ready to start your own business?

I know it can feel overwhelming when you’re just getting started, but if you’ve got a coach in your corner who’s old hat at small business, setting up your own coaching or consulting business is totally do-able. In fact, it can actually be incredibly rewarding & a whole lot of fun!

I’ve been around the social media block. I’ve built followings & mailing lists and manage multiple pages & accounts. I create video content, do my own graphics and run a complex membership site as well as a busy website with online programming. I’ve also built a successful private coaching practice that allows me to do what I love everyday without worrying about paying the bills.

If you’re feeling stuck, I can help! In our first session, we’ll prioritize & delineate the practical steps required to get your passion project off the ground. We’ll design a series of topics for individualized coaching sessions and I’ll provide you with the ongoing consulting support & accountability to ensure you keep moving forward with your dream. 

Contact me to discuss how I can help you and to book your first session!