Personal Coaching

Hi there! I’m Wendy McCallum, LLB, NNCP, RHN, Speaker, Author & Co-Active Personal Balance Coach.

What’s a Balance Coach, you ask? 

Great question! As your Balance Coach, I’ll guide you to a more satisfying & resonant place of balance. We do this through structured sessions using a combination of motivating education, co-active coaching & accountability.

Some call what I do “life coaching”, but because that label sometimes gets a bad wrap, and because my passion is helping others find a better, more resonant place of balance — “Balance Coach” feels right to me.

Ten years ago, I left an established (kind of lucrative & super-safe) career in law that never really jived with my values or allowed me any healthy balance. Leaving law took a commitment to myself & my priorities and, even with a solid transition plan, it felt like an incredible risk — but I’ve never looked back. 

I’m now following my own life’s purpose in a coaching role that fills me up EVERY day. I’ve spent eight incredibly satisfying years coaching others towards change, balance and fulfilment.

I’ve also spent the last ten years actively working towards a better balance of my own when it comes to family, career and personal growth. I’m happy to say I’m pretty damn close.

In my own journey, I’ve learned A LOT about what gets us stuck, and un-stuck. And how easy it is to rely on what others tell you you should be doing, instead of putting in the sweat equity in to figure that out for yourself.

I’m a Co-Active Coach, trained by the internationally-credentialed Coach Training Institute (CTI).  I love the co-active coaching model because it provides a powerful process for engaging with others  that’s well-supported by current scientific research. 

I’m also a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with years of more focussed wellness coaching under my belt.

My personal coaching focuses on all the other stuff that really matters. The “real life” stuff that’s really holding you back from making change. It might be:

  • stress & time management,
  • health & wellness,
  • career,
  • lifestyle,
  • personal happiness,
  • family, or
  • other relationships?

I can help. In fact, it’s what I do best. Together, we’ll sort through the overwhelm. We’ll mine for your core values, discover what lights YOU up, and get you on a clearer course for better balance & a whole bunch more joy.

My one-step-at-a-time, whole-life approach is the only way to make permanent, positive change happen. I see it work in my personal coaching practice time & time again. I’ve helped hundreds of busy people make change, and I can help you too!

Why will it be different this time?  Because you’ll have me — your personal coach and biggest cheerleader — motivating & supporting you to permanent change. Together will drill down and figure out what’s got you stuck: whether it’s a lack of time, coping strategies, confidence or something more.

I set you up for success. My approach is based on the time-tested truth that nothing too extreme or complicated ever works for very long. We’re all leading busy lives and need a straightforward, simple approach that  we can actually make happen.

My personal coaching is just that: personal. It’s the opposite of “one-size-fits-all”. We design your coaching sessions  around what you need to succeed. Your sessions are tailored to help you build the healthy toolkit you need to achieve your best life, and maintain it.

When I say I can give you everything you need, I mean everything, including:
  • motivating, individualized education,
  • co-active coaching (we’re in it together!),
  • emotional support,
  • stress & time management coaching,
  • weekly accountability,
  • healthy food & lifestyle support,
  • strategies for lifelong maintenance & balance.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It is (promise!) and you can absolutely do this!

Contact me  if you’re interested in become a private coaching client. I offer a three-month program that we’ll carefully design together to ensure you get what you need most from our sessions.

We’ll start by booking an initial consultation (no program pre-commitment is necessary), and we’ll go from there!

12 Session Coaching Package
12 Session Coaching Package $299.00 a month for 3 months

Package includes initial 90 minute consult, 11×45 minute coaching sessions along with any printable resources required. We meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on needs & schedule.


  • 1x: 90-Minute Initial Consultation
  • 11x: 45-Minute Follow-up Coaching Sessions
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Initial Consult
Initial Consult $125.00

This 1.5 hour session is designed to introduce you to my coaching philosophy, articulate your personal goals, identify your challenges and determine a realistic plan for change going forward. You’ll leave this session feeling empowered & motivated! (If you’re unsure as to whether the full 12-session coaching package is right for you, just book an initial consult and we can go from there.)


  • 1x: Initial Consultation
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Follow-Up Appointment
Follow-Up Appointment $85.00

45 minute coaching session following an Initial Consult to discuss progress made, challenges encountered, and next steps.


  • 1x: Follow-up Session
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