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group and in-home presentations

We do fun & engaging presentations on a number of topics which are of interest to community & parent groups, sports organizations, educators and daycare providers.  The presentations are tailored to the size, age and interests of the group, and include such topics as:

  • Simple Kids’ Nutrition
  • Transitioning Your Family to Healthier Foods
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • Cooking with Whole Foods
  • Active Kids’ Nutrition
  • School Lunch Solutions
  • The Sugar Cycle
  • Feeding Picky Eaters
  • Eat to Play:  The Food-Sport Connection
  • Eat to Learn:  The Food-School Connection
  • How to Read Food Labels (For Kids)
  • Raising Healthy Eaters

Rates vary depending on the group specifics and needs.  Contact us to discuss your group’s needs and available dates.

Simple Kids’ Group Presentations

We also LOVE to speak to groups of children. Have a classroom, sports’ team, or kids’ community group that would benefit from a fun learning session about healthy whole foods?  Need a keynote speaker for your school’s Wellness Fair?  We do creative and engaging workshops for groups of kids of all ages focused on making healthier choices so kids can learn, play and feel better. Our interactive sessions teach kids the basics of what types of food their bodies need and why, and how to combine these foods for long-lasting energy and optimum health.  Rates vary depending on group and length of presentation.  Please contact us for more information.

Contact me now to book your group or in-home presentation.