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family food services

Transitioning kids to a whole foods diet can be daunting and challenging, especially the “pickier” ones.  No matter what your circumstances or goals, we always offer simple, economic steps as part of a plan to reduce processed foods and additives, increase natural whole foods, and introduce a simple balance to your family’s diet.   As always, I take a realistic approach to family food and will support you in implementing gradual and maintainable changes towards healthier family eating.

My suggestions will be specific to the needs of your particular family, and tailored to your tastes and schedule.  My simple, tasty recipes have all been “kid-tested”, and we’ll provide simple, effective strategies for organizing your kitchen and family food.  Your life will be less hectic, and you’ll feel great about what you are feeding & teaching your family!

I also provide one-on-one in-home fun learning sessions for children of all ages, where we teach the basics concepts of healthy, real food for kids.


  • Family Food Consultations

    Got picky or unadventurous eaters? Has your family gotten into some less-than-healthy patterns you would like to change? Have a family member with food allergies, dietary restrictions or at an unhealthy weight? Feel like you could be doing better in terms of feeding you family but not sure where to start? Overwhelmed with busy work and kids’ schedules? Let's get together!

  • Healthy Family Program

    My best value option for your whole family. Program includes two parent consultation sessions, a guided grocery store tour, an interactive kids' session & lots more.

Here’s what some Family Food clients have to say

Happy to report that we had two kids eat spinach tonight! One tried it raw and the other tried it cooked. We talked about tricking our taste buds by having to try things lots of times, then googled spinach to learn its super powers and presto, in the belly! Thanks for the tips! – M. Smith, Bedford, N.S.

I am raving to everyone about your session and all of the wonderful things I discovered! Making changes to our family’s diet this weekend! – M. Allan, Halifax, N.S.

My seven and nine year old children viewed Wendy’s arrival for our family food session with some trepidation. When asked if she knew why Wendy was coming, the seven year-old responded: “To take all our candy away!”. I thought, “Good luck, Wendy!” One hour later, both children cared much less about candy and far more about eating fruits and vegetables. She engaged them by getting them to give examples of the numerous healthy food choices they were already making. She appealed to the athlete in both of them by explaining how the right combination of food can provide results in sports. A mother herself, Wendy was able to effectively respond to any query, no matter how silly, with ease and charm. Wendy addressed my concerns with practical advice and recipe suggestions. We are now all much more aware of and focused on making healthier food choices and and the reasons why such choices are important. Wendy accomplished all of this in a fun and creative way. – T. Miller, Halifax, N.S.