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Personal Nutrition and Weight Loss

Personal Nutrition & Weight Loss

Are you struggling to reach a healthy weight?  Worried you’re just “dodging that bullet” and ready to make dietary and lifestyle changes that can reduce future health risks? Or maybe your energy levels are just plain zapped and you feel chronically exhausted and crappy? Chances are, you’ve also tried every new diet out there, only to lose weight and gain it all back?  Don’t worry, we can help.

What’s different this time? Why will our programming and coaching work for you when your other best efforts haven’t led to lasting change? Because this time, you can actually do it, just like the hundreds of other real people who have already used the Simple Balance approach to reduce risks, permanently lose weight, increase their energy and build better family food habits.

Our approach sets you up for success. It doesn’t involve unpleasant deprivation, strange ingredients, weird flavours, superhuman kitchen skills or even fancy equipment. It’s based on the time-tested truth that nothing too extreme or complicated ever works for very long. Let’s face it: we’re all leading really busy lives and need a straightforward, simple approach that will work for the whole family and keep us sane. Nobody wants (or should have ) to put more than one healthy meal on the table at a time. Who’s got the time for that?

If weight loss is a goal, and you’re a parent, you probably have two parallel food objectives: To achieve and maintain a healthy weight and to get your whole family consistently eating better, less-processed food. We’ll give you everything you need to get yourself to your personal wellness &/or weight goals— without eating different food from the rest of your family and without counting points, carbs or calories. If you grew up with a mother who was always on a diet, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s critical that we break that cycle for our children, and that’s just another benefit of my approach: Nobody even needs to know you’re trying to lose weight. You’ll sell the changes to your family for the really important reasons healthy food matters — increased energy, immunity and wellness. You’ll role model healthy eating and use our tested, effective (and fun!) strategies to get your spouse and kids on board and involved. And you’ll feel amazing about the benefits your whole family is enjoying.

When I say we can give you everything you need, I mean everything, including:
  • motivating, individualized education & coaching,
  • weekly accountability,
  • flexible meal plans,
  • a guided grocery store tour and shopping tips,
  • loads of varied, simple scrumptious recipes,
  • “healthy fast food” meal choices,
  • effective ideas for picky eaters,
  • cooking lessons,
  • strategies for talking to your kids about real food and getting them involved,
  • school lunch solutions,
  • time-saving kitchen tips,
  • solutions for keeping it (mostly) real while travelling and
  • the simple truths and guidelines you need for lifelong maintenance and balance.

You’ll cook our delicious, simple and healthy real-food meals, and by quietly paying attention to your personal serving sizes and hunger cues, any extra weight will steadily melt away. Perhaps more importantly, as you’re getting there you will see amazing side-benefits: You’ll feel your energy levels steadily rise until they become reliable and consistent on a daily basis, and you might just notice that you are getting sick less often and recovering faster from those colds and flus than you used to. You’ll also develop a lifelong set of planning, cooking and eating habits that will set the basis for a permanently new “normal” at your family table. 

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It is (promise!) and you can absolutely do this!

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