Personal Coaching

Are you struggling to make healthy change?  Using unhealthy coping mechanisms too often to deal with stress? Unable to lose excess weight? Worried about health risks? Chronically exhausted? Tried every “program” out there, only to make short term change but eventually revert to old habits?

You’re in the right place!

Why will it be different this time?  Because you’ll have me — your personal coach and biggest cheerleader — motivating & supporting you to permanent change. Together will drill down and figure out what’s got you stuck: whether it’s a lack of time, coping strategies, confidence or something more.

I set you up for success. My recipes don’t involve strange ingredients, weird flavours, superhuman kitchen skills or even fancy equipment. My approach is based on the time-tested truth that nothing too extreme or complicated ever works for very long. We’re all leading busy lives and need a straightforward, simple approach that will work for the whole family. Nobody wants to put more than one healthy meal on the table at a time. Who’s got the time for that?

If healthy weight loss is a goal, I’ll give you everything you need to get to your goals— without eating different food from the rest of your family and without counting points, carbs or calories. You’ll role model healthy eating and use my tested, effective (and fun!) strategies to get your spouse and kids on board and involved. And you’ll feel amazing about the benefits your whole family is enjoying.

My personal coaching is just that: personal. It’s the opposite of “one-size-fits-all”. We design your coaching sessions  around what you need to succeed. Your sessions are tailored to help you build the healthy toolkit you need to achieve your best life, and maintain it.

When I say I can give you everything you need, I mean everything, including:
  • motivating, individualized education & coaching,
  • emotional support,
  • stress & time management coaching,
  • weekly accountability,
  • flexible meal plans,
  • a guided grocery store tour & shopping tips,
  • loads of varied, simple delicious recipes,
  • “healthy fast food” meal choices,
  • cooking lessons,
  • solutions for keeping it (mostly) real while travelling, and
  • strategies for lifelong maintenance & balance.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It is (promise!) and you can absolutely do this!

Get started by booking an initial consultation now, and we’ll go from there!

12 Session Coaching Package (+Grocery Store Tour)
12 Session Coaching Package (+Grocery Store Tour) $299.00 a month for 3 months

Package includes initial 90 minute consult, 11×45 minute follow ups & a Guided Grocery Store Tour along with any PDF resources & meal plans required. We meet weekly or bi-weekly, depending on needs & schedule.


  • 11x: Follow-up Session
  • 1x: Initial Consultation
  • 1x: Grocery Store Tour
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Initial Consult (Adult)
Initial Consult (Adult) $120.00

This 1.5 hour session is designed to introduce you to my food philosophy, articulate your personal goals, identify your challenges and determine a realistic plan for change going forward. You’ll leave this session feeling empowered & motivated!


  • 1x: Initial Consultation
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Follow-Up Appointment (Adult or Family Food/Child)
Follow-Up Appointment (Adult or Family Food/Child) $75.00

45 minute appointment following an Initial Consult to discuss progress made, challenges encountered, and next steps.


  • 1x: Follow-up Session
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