Family Food Consultations

Family Food Consultations

$75.00 — $120.00

Got picky or unadventurous eaters? Has your family gotten into some less-than-healthy patterns you would like to change? Have a family member with food allergies, dietary restrictions or at an unhealthy weight? Feel like you could be doing better in terms of feeding you family but not sure where to start? Overwhelmed with busy work and kids’ schedules? Let's get together!

Together we’ll  review together your family’s eating patterns along with your specific concerns, and come up with some realistic changes you can start implementing in your family’s diet, in a fun and enjoyable way, along with some strategies to help you  all stay motivated and committed.  I specialize in picky eater strategies and have loads of “kid-friendly” tools such as meal planning templates, recipes, challenges, and reward charts to get you started.  

Initial consult is $120+HST. 45 minute follow up appointments are $75+HST.

Contact me for more details.