Initial Nutritional Consult and Follow-Ups

Initial Nutritional Consult and Follow-Ups

$75.00 — $120.00

Curious about basic improvements you or your family could be making, food-wise? Looking to “fine-tune” an already healthy diet? Need some suggestions for living with an allergy or food intolerance? Training for a race or event? Looking to lose the “last 5 pounds” but the scale’s not budging? Sounds like you could use a tune-up!

If you know you need help but aren’t sure exactly what you need, just book an initial consult and we’ll get you sorted out! In this 1.5 hour session, we will discuss your concerns & goals and I’ll provide you with lots of simple suggestions for realistic changes you can start making to improve your diet & wellness. The initial consult is often followed by an 45 minute-long appointment a week or two later, during which we discuss how you’re doing with the changes and what more you can reasonably do to achieve your goals. Or you might opt to roll into my 3 month program, in which case I’ll credit any payments you’ve made towards the first instalment of the program.

Initial consult is $120+HST for 1.5 hr appointment, follow ups are $75+HST for a 45 minute appointment.

Number of visits required varies depending on client goals and concerns. If you have significant concerns or goals, please consider one of my longer-term programs below.

Contact me for more details.