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Crockpot Caramelized Onions (Dead Easy)

caramelized onions DSC_0348

This is my best discovery in a long time, although apparently “everybody’s doing it”, and I’ve just been cluelessly and needlessly avoiding all the “fancier” recipes because they included caramelized onions on their ingredient list. Well, no more!

sweet coconut veggie curry (crockpot)


Simple & sweet with a touch of heat, this is a family-friendly crockpot recipe you’ll love to come home to. Serve over brown basmati rice for a comforting, nutritious dinner.    

Mama’s Little Helper (Crockpot)


This is my best kick at a healthy, tasty homemade crockpot version of Hamburger Helper. My son loves this so much he has learned to make it from start to finish himself, so now we jokingly refer to him as “Mama’s Little Helper”.

National Kale Day & Coconut Crockpot Stew

coconut crockpot stew

It’s National Kale Day so I’m posting a sweet & delicious soup recipe which is a great way to introduce kale & red lentils to kids. Red lentils are mild-tasting legumes, and largely lose their shape when cooked so there are no “obvious” beans for the choosier of children to pick out. Chop the kale […]