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Mama’s Little Helper (Crockpot)


This is my best kick at a healthy, tasty homemade crockpot version of Hamburger Helper. My son loves this so much he has learned to make it from start to finish himself, so now we jokingly refer to him as “Mama’s Little Helper”.

Pasta Salad Days!


This lunchbox features leftover cold pasta tossed with leftover roasted veggies and a little pesto sauce (but you could use any healthy salad dressing). If you’re looking for an easy pesto recipe, you can try my Popeye Pesto (in my cookbook, Real Food for Real Families at p. 74) or my Kale Pesto

For Valentine’s Day: Be still my beeting heart!

be still my beeting heart

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this is a yummy, pink sauce that makes us all happy. The only prep is roasting the veggies, which I usually do the night before.  If you have your veggies roasted, you can pull this pasta dish together in less than 20 minutes. Ingredients:  2 large beets, peeled and quartered 1 […]

easy creamy pasta bake

wm creamy pasta bake

Can’t. Stop. Eating. This.

This is SO good, and SO easy. The perfect post-work comfort meal.

kale pesto

kale pesto

This simple, nutrient-packed pesto made with kale, walnut & pumpkin seeds is a more cost-effective recipe than the traditional version made with basil and pine nuts.