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“beta” butternut soup


This Butternut Soup is one of my most popular client recipes. Get your daily dose of beta carotene and vitamin C in a delicious, vegan, cleanse-friendly mug o’ comfort. Perfect first course for Thanksgiving Dinner!

lemon tahini lentil soup


My vegan version of comforting chicken soup is lemony, soothing and just plain yummy. Family and lunchbox-friendly, you’ll get through a batch of this in no time!

Comfort Food Lunchbox


Today’s Lunchbox: Lemon Basil Tomato Soup (recipe on blog, here: easy and delish, one of my most popular recipes), homemade Sweet P Biscuit (100% whole grain, recipe will be up on blog this week), strawberries, hard boiled egg and a Grizzly Paw from the freezer (p. 124 of my cookbook, Real Food for Real Families).

springtime fiddlehead soup


You know it’s officially springtime when the fiddleheads are out! We love them steamed with oil and garlic, but they are make a great addition to a light soup. Here’s another “no-cream of” soup that’s made with almond milk, but you can use cow’s milk if you’re dairy-lovers and it will taste equally yummy. My […]

sopa negro

sopa negro

One of our favourite “pre-kid” memories is our low-budget trip to Costa Rica. We backpacked, took the rickety bus through the mountains, rode horses with a friendly rastafarian guide named “Mr. Joseph” to a hidden waterfall, and drank cold beer on the beach. We also ate a whole lot of “Sopa Negro” or Black Bean […]