Wendy McCallum

I’m Wendy McCallum, LLB, Professional Coach & Corporate Wellness Expert, and I’m a Habit Change Specialist!

  • I teach busy people how to reclaim time for themselves, reduce stress, and prevent burnout.
  • I help them replace unhealthy coping mechanisms (like food, alcohol & social media) with healthier habits.
  • I show my clients how to set realistic goals, then start stacking small changes to achieve big results. 

I’m no stranger to stress and burnout.

I spent 12+ years working as a lawyer, then partner, in a large law firm in Calgary. As a busy litigator, wife and mom of two young children, I struggled to find that elusive “work-life” balance. I became too reliant on unhealthy coping mechanisms and lost my joy in the process. You can read that story HERE. 

Ten years ago, I left a successful career in law in an effort to create a life I didn’t want to escape from. Leaving law took a commitment to myself & my priorities.  Even with a solid transition plan, it felt like an incredible risk — but I’ve never looked back.

As a Coach & Corporate Wellness Expert, I speak with honesty & empathy.

As a Professional Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of busy people find a better balance.

As a Corporate Consultant & Wellness Speaker, I’ve also helped hundreds of employees cultivate healthier habits & coping mechanisms.

Personal Coaching

I’m now following my own life’s purpose in a role that fills me up every day. I’ve spent ten incredibly satisfying years coaching others towards a healthier, happier balance and fulfilling life and career.

I’ve learned so much about what gets us stuck, and un-stuck. And how easy it is to rely on what others tell you you should be doing, instead of putting in the sweat equity in to figure that out for yourself.

Using a Co-Active Coaching model, I’ll help you articulate what’s out of balance, and maybe even what’s missing. Then we will reset your course to align with what truly matters to you.

I have a background in nutrition & wellness, and a sub-specialty in alcohol-free life coaching, so I also always incorporate a focus on healthy living in my personal coaching sessions. 

I’m also a seasoned public speaker who loves to spread the good word about the importance of slowing down, being present, and taking back control over your life, wellness and career.

In the span of 12 coaching sessions, Wendy taught me how to begin making small change daily. She supported me in my quest to re-balance my family life, my relationships, and eventually re-claim parts of myself and my identity. From wellness, parenting, right up to career and business coaching, the breadth of Wendy’s coaching model made real change possible for me. Wendy is relatable, genuine, and has an obvious gift for teaching others how to live a joyful, mindful, and authentic life.-J. Durand (Personal coaching client)

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Corporate & Employee Wellness
I create customized Strategic Wellness Solutions your employees will LOVE.

I also do fun & engaging workplace and corporate wellness presentations on a variety of popular topics including:

stress & time management,
mindfulness & productivity,
the power of real food, and
how to improve life-work balance.
Again, I can’t thank you enough for your presentation at our wellness day. My email was flooded this morning with positive feedback on how great the day was and how useful the information you provided was to our group. We’ve heard lots of similar talks over the years and yours provided a different approach and concept that was very well received. Thanks!

-A. Robinson, Correction Service Canada


I also love to host wellness & balance retreats at my beautiful restored oceanside farmhouse in Nova Scotia. If you have a group and would like to design a personalized retreat, or are interested in attending a scheduled retreat, just let me know!

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to find a better personal balance, or create a simpler, happier, more fulfilling & healthy life for yourself or your employees, you’re in the right place!

I signed up for the retreat to learn more about “mind, body and soul” and I feel I accomplished this. Touching on mindfulness, meditation and gratitude has inspired me to start all of these practices. I loved meeting and chatting with the other ladies and the setting for your retreat at your new cove house is perfect! Very peaceful & calming! Hope to come on another one in the Fall!

-Nancy M.