Online Programs

Meet The Lemonade Project, my signature online coaching program!

This program gives you the very best of both worlds:

  • accessible & affordable online content, and
  • private one-on-one coaching support from me!
  • Why This Program Will Work For You
  • We all have our own unique challenges when it comes to living our best life.

For years, my Achilles’ heel was wine.

Yours might be sugar, social media, exercise, work, sleep or stress.

For that reason, a one-size-fits-all online coaching program makes absolutely no sense.

My Lemonade Project allows you to build your own PERSONALIZED FLEXIBLE PLAN.

How It Works

You’ll start by identifying what you’re already doing right, what you need more of, and what you could use less of right now.

Then you’ll set mini-goals to slowly shift that balance to one that serves you better.

I’ll take you through all of the necessary steps in making change (in any area of your life!)

This time, you’ll set yourself up for success with a CLEAR PLAN & MEASURABLE, REALISTIC GOALS.

Lessons will include a little Q & A area for guided self-reflection and journaling. It’s also a great way to record & track progress in your growing habits & shifting mindset.

I’ve built-in some amazing PERSONAL COACHING AND ACCOUNTABILITY to this program.

I’ll provide some private encouragement & feedback or strategies in response to your updates. Research shows accountability is a KEY piece of successful change, so this is a really valuable feature of this program.

You’ll learn new tricks, strategies & simple practices to revolutionize your thinking, and cement self-care in your life.

You’ll also create a maintainable set of small but mighty habits around all four pillars of your health: stress & mental health, food, movement & sleep.