Hi, visitor!


How do I change my password? (I’ll NEVER, EVER remember the computer-generated one you assigned me upon registering!)

  1. Go to the Login screen here: https://simple-balance.ca/members/my-account/
  2. Click on “Lost Your Password?”
  3. Enter the email address you would have signed up with at time of registration
  4. The next screen you see should confirm an email is being sent to you
  5. Check your inbox for the email, then follow that link in the email & enter your NEW password two times (to make sure you know you entered it correctly).

That should do it!

I would like to change the email address where I receive my weekly emails, can I do that?

Yup. You’ll need to do that in two places though. First, login to the site, go to your account and change it there, then email me at wendy@simple-balance.ca and let me know you’d like the emails to go to this new address from now on. I will then update your profile in the auto-sender.

I deleted one or more of my weekly emails with the meal plans by accident, help!

No worries! I’ve got you covered. All of the emails and the linked attachments are archived in the Members Only area. Just log in, and click on “Emails” on the left side toolbar, and you’ll be able to access all your emails there.

How to I update or change my payment method for recurring (subscription) payments?

If you’ve received a new credit card with a new expiry date OR you need to change the credit card you’re using as your method of payment… you need to change the credit card in the system before the next subscription payment date.

  1. Login to the website
  2. Go to ‘Payment Methods’
  3. Click on ‘Add Payment Method’
  4. Add your payment method and save it
  5. Click on ‘Make Default’
  6. Delete your former method of payment

Oops, I forgot to update my credit card info/expiry date and my payment failed this month – what does this mean for my subscription and how can I fix it?

When this happens – you need to log into the site & pay again. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to the site
  2. Go to ‘Orders’
  3. Click ‘Pay’ on the subscription you need to pay for (it should be marked as ‘failed’)
  4. You’ll be walked through the payment process again (make sure you choose your Real Food Coach)
  5. Enter your method of payment
  6. Place Order

Once you’ve done this – go and check your Payment Methods to make sure that the right credit card is active (and delete the one you no longer want to use).

I can’t get my weight to enter on the weight tracker, what am I doing wrong?

First, hit refresh and make sure it hasn’t in fact been added. If you still don’t see it in your weight history, go into the tracker and make sure you add a value in every field, even if it’s a “zero” because you aren’t keeping track of measurements. Then hit “enter” and then use the refresh button again to confirm it’s been recorded.

I can’t see my latest weight after I enter it in the tracker, but I’m sure I entered it. Where do it go?

It’s probably there – just hit the “refresh” key and wait a sec. Still not there? Enter it again.

Thanks for the support, I think I’m ready to fly the coop and go it alone – how do I cancel my subscription?

I’m ready to cancel & I paid with a credit card:
  1. Log into the site at simple-balance.ca/members/my-account
  2. Go to ‘Your Account’
  3. Click on ‘Subscriptions’
  4. Click ‘view’ on the subscription you’d like to cancel
  5. Click on ‘Cancel’

I’m ready to cancel & I paid using PayPal

There’s an IMPORTANT extra step required to avoid another auto-payment next month of your used Paypal to register. Follow the steps in “a” above, then cancel your PayPal Billing Agreement with Simple Balance, by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Profile icon next to “Log out.”
  3. Click Payments.
  4. Click Manage pre-approved payments.
  5. Click on our name under “Merchants.”
  6. Click Cancel.
  7. Click Yes to confirm that you want to cancel this Billing Agreement.

I’m going on vacation, can I suspend my membership somehow and pick up where I left off when I get back?

No, I’m sorry, you can’t, for a couple of good reasons : 1. The weekly emails cannot be paused (really, they just can’t be!) 2. More importantly, I’m not  a “fairweather” coach – I’m here to support you through the easy times and the tougher times, and to help you find your own simple balance. If you’re thinking it would be a good time to pause your membership, chances are actually a pretty important time NOT to pause it! This is a lifestyle, not a “turn it on, turn it off” or “on the wagon, off the wagon” approach. Enjoy your vacation, indulge in moderation and know that when you come back I’m still here, you’re accountable, and together we’ll carry on! 😉

I’m too busy to stick with this program now, can I cancel and re-subscribe later on when things calm down?

Yes and no. When you cancel, you can absolutely join the program again at a later date but unfortunately you will have to start back at week 1, there is no way to “jump back in where you left off”. That said, I offer new “pop-up” programs regularly, so if you’d rather not repeat programming, we encourage you to join us in one of our other support forums!