Simple Balance Membership

$39.99 on the 1st of each month and a $49.99 sign-up fee

  • Have a great life but feel like something’s missing?
  • Worn out from taking care of everyone except yourself?
  • Using ineffective or unhealthy coping strategies?
  • Trying to make positive, healthy change but feeling stuck?

This is the place for you!

We’re NOT about extreme change, strict rules or rapid weight loss. (You’ve been there, done that, gained it back, returned to your old habits & lost your mojo in the process, right?) This community is all about making incremental positive change, steadily developing healthier habits, & increasing your happiness factor in the process.

In this monthly membership, you’ll get impactful weekly video-lessons, printable planning, goal-setting & tracking tools, new healthy recipes, monthly book club discussions and a 100% positive and non-judgmental, private Facebook group coaching environment for daily support. (You can also add-on private coaching sessions as needed at a special Members-Only rate.) Join us and:

  • Learn to truly love the life & body you’re in.
  • Find the time to nourish your body, mind and soul.
  • Create¬†more joy & balance in your daily life.
  • Make positive, permanent, healthy change.
  • Get happy.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon registration, a one-time sign-up fee applies which provides you with immediate access to a library of 20 core video lessons, 4×7-day meal plans with amazing, healthy recipes, and a bundle of key planning & organizational tools . I recommend you begin to watch the video lessons away, as they form the basis of all the ongoing lessons & coaching in the Membership program. You can move through them at your own pace. If you have previously participated in my Real Soul Food 1 Program, check your inbox for an email with the the coupon code to waive the sign-up fee.

Membership auto-renews but can be cancelled at any time. (Your first monthly payment will be pro-rated to reflect the number of days left in the month on the day you register & will renew in full the 1st day of the next month). Stay as long as you need, leave whenever you’re ready. Come back anytime!

First payment prorated. Next payment: March 1, 2019